This is Gutter

This is a small collection of terms I often use here on my blog and also in my tweets, that might be a bit fuzzy for some.

Ask me if there's something you want me to add and I'll add what I remember.


Not really my word, but it's a combination of the words 'adorable' and 'dork'. It's a man who looks a bit on the shy, silly side, without necessarily being unintelligent or potentially an innocent-looking serial killer.

Fangirls often use this to describe a cute geeky guy who is actually some hot supermodel, making the real not-best-lookers and socially inept geeks have false hope they might some day score or depressed over their title being stolen by hot men. Frankly, guys, you wouldn't want most of us, so don't be sad. We're not the sexy geek girl stereotype you imagine.


A nickname my friend Ethlenn gave to the Korean actor Kang Dong Won, who she finds creepy (his Greek nickname is 'Alien', given to him by my mother who also finds him creepy). For a good amount of time, Ethlenn could not look at him much. Thanks to some fangirls in our group, including me, she has been brainwashed enough to stand the sight of him. This was achieved mainly due to the fact that he has a really cute and adorkable persona in his appearances outside his films.

The Gutter, guttering, guttery

As in "my mind is in the gutter". The Gutter is a very special place for me and some of my friends, and I imagine readers. We like our time there. It's a good place for the naughty-minded, who deserve to go to the 69th Circle of Hell for being so naughty minded sometimes.


The fangirls. Not all of them. This is the special category of those who "kyaa" (read: scream) all the time. They are the dysfunctional hordes of teen-minded girls and women who will yap on about their "bias", a word which they seem to think they are witty and cool for saying, only showing how herd-minded they really are.

These are the type of people who are the natural nemesis of someone like me. They will hate and attack anyone for disagreeing about who they find cute or good or awesome and they will go to extreme lengths to prove to a sane person that their own logic and personal preferences are the shining world truth.

They are the emotionally and mentally unstable fanatics who can't tell reality from fiction and public life from private.

Noble Idiocy

A common plague of Korean dramas. It's the self-sacrificing disease which takes over during the final stages of a romantic story, when the lead (usually the man) feels like the best thing to do when you like someone who likes you back is to leave them.

We call it idiocy, because the reasons for driving their special someone away are often ridiculous and would not present a problem in real relationships. It is done to keep viewers pinned in front of the TV until the very end of the drama and keep the cash flowing.


Romantic + martyr. A term I myself created as an alternative name for someone practicing Noble Idiocy as described above. Commonly known as Noble Idiot.

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