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Hi. I am Orion (shocking, I know). I am a typical internet user with a functioning brain (so maybe a bit better than typical) and an introvert. I love watching movies and series, along with the occasional documentary. That is my main hobby and has been all my life. I have also been a gamer (videogames) since childhood and still am. I may not write about games often, but I do want to.

While I have watched E.Asian movies here and there in the past, I only really got into Asian entertainment through anime, in 2005. Around 2009, I kind of gave that up in favor of live-action. I got into Korean dramas and cinema and that is my main hobby now, although I do still watch Japanese movies as well as Hollywood ones, along with the occasional other foreign film. Games are still a very big part of my life.

Style and Topics:

I am by no means an expert in writing or professional movie/television critique. I am just a viewer who keeps relatively informed about all the topics that interest me and express my opinions based on that and my own taste. I am brutally honest with both my likes and dislikes and depending on the mood, my writing ranges from dead serious to she-lost-her-marbles.

This is a personal blog, so the topics go accordingly. I mostly write about Korean cinema and television, since those are my biggest hobby at the moment.

Type of Fan:

Last time I checked, my mind and body are no longer 13, so I do not pick works by number of hotties in them. The reason I make this point is because our fandom is plagued by a majority of people who do not seem to care about much else aside the fact "oppa is hot". I am a fan before I am a fangirl.

So when I watch works without "pretty people" in them, say the works I like have flaws or some actor I find hot is not a shining example of magnificent acting every single time, you don't need to check me for a fever. Like most adults, I simply function outside the frame of my hormones.

A hobby does not equal an obsession. I therefore highly disapprove of fans who lose touch with reality and harm themselves and others due to that.


I am not consistent with my posting, as I want to have fun with my hobbies and love for them. If I force myself to post without being inspired to, then I won't be having fun and neither will you. When something comes up I need to say, I say it.

Need More?

If you're still reading and you still like me, then welcome. I am not all bark and I am a simple person. If someone treats me well, I will respect and protect them. Don't be afraid to speak to me and disagree with me. I am a lot nicer than I come across as.

If you would like to know a bit more about me, you can read my Liebster Award post and the origins of my nickname can be found here. I also contribute to HanCinema.

You can find me in many places, some of which are listed on the sidebar you see at the right side of the blog. I use Twitter a lot.

If you have questions, ask in the comments bellow or in any of those places. I will reply as soon as I see it and to everyone who asks nicely.

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