Friday, June 24, 2016

Orion's Drama News - Auditions and Conflicting Illusions

Drama News

Some new dramas are or will shortly be available to us and the next batch of upcoming ones is in the making. Aside from the usual role confirmations, rejections and possibilities, it has been a relatively quiet week in Dramaland. Today I speak about a few noteworthy developments and my followed dramas, a section which I have been neglecting a bit.

My Sassy Audition Winner

While not a film I personally like, the popularity, success and significance of "My Sassy Girl" in South Korean cinema are undeniable. I am usually distrustful of remakes and a drama adaptation in a different genre sounds risky. The production of "My Sassy Girl - Drama" is making interesting production choices though. Aside from being fully pre-produced, they will choose the female lead through an audition judged by professionals and the audience alike. I can see a lot of issues here, but it is an interesting concept.

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