Tuesday, June 28, 2016

God of Noodles - Episode 12

God of Noodles

Dramas rarely answer my prayers so quickly, but that makes the times when they do all the more satisfying. Gil-do is back in action and he is as nasty as ever. Between his resurfaced murderous intent for his father-in-law and everyone else's claws reaching for Goongrakwon, this episode is a merciless shot of suspense. Kang-sook's and Mi-ja's battle intensifies, future conflict between Myeong and Tae-ha is brewing and Gil-do's past pushes him one step closer to ruin.

In my previous piece I voiced my worry over Gil-do's (Jo Jae-hyeon) continued inaction. Looking back now, I myself once said that "Master - God of Noodles" smartly goes back and forth between plot progression and character development. Perhaps I should have given the writer more credit and more of my patience. The monster we know Gil-do as has reared its bloodthirsty head again and it is a gratifying return. The revelation of him using cooking ingredients as poison fits the extended metaphor of noodles as expressions of life.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Master - God of Noodles" Episode 12

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