Monday, May 30, 2016

Vampire Detective - Episode 6

Vampire Detective

If you enjoy murder mysteries, then welcome to some Cluedo-like fun in episode six of "Vampire Detective", as our team tries to solve a death of the past. The incident is personal to Goo-hyeong and this means we finally get to see him act like a human being instead of a womanizing cardboard cutout. Yo-na is still around, but neither San or we know what she wants. She is sadly falling victim to plot stretching, which will hopefully end soon.

Atmosphere and writing play a big part in the enjoyment of murder mysteries. The creators choose to have things happen at night, in close quarters at an abandoned school and this sets a great mood for the truth being unraveled. Another fun element of such a concept is the idea that anyone could be guilty and the episode does well in gradually having its characters' facade crack as their personal secrets are revealed. As the incident took place in the past, this brings the tension back.

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