Monday, April 18, 2016

Vampire Detective - Episode 4

Vampire Detective

You know, for being investigators and therefore quick-witted and curious by trade, our team are very slow to address San's condition. I understand initial denial, but his vampirism is starting to feel like a gimmick, when we are one third into this show without it having played a significant role. The episode's plot and some other parts of the main story thankfully progress much faster, however, as our villainess has come out to play.

When I saw that San's (Lee Joon) vampirism happened not in some painful flashback, but right in our present, I was very happy. I thought "Vampire Detective" would finally portray the confusion and battle with one's self as they change. It is disappointing to see that this is not the case. While we did get a little forward movement here by being shown San, Goo-hyeong (Oh Jeong-se) and doctor Hwang (Kim Gi-moo) are all perplexed and worried about San's change, the creators do not show them speaking about it much, or about anything personal at all.

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