Sunday, August 16, 2015

Drama Review - My Beautiful Bride

A big part of what often keeps dramas or certain concepts in dramas superficial is the refusal to get real and get dirty. From romance to violence, everything is too black and white and too idealistic. Style and substance are not mutually exclusive, which is frequently overlooked in fiction and especially genres like action. 'My Beautiful Bride' is a series which presents a grand romance in a suspense show, successfully combining genres others have failed to.

Kim Do-hyeong (Kim Moo-yeol) and Yoon Joo-yeong (Ko Sung-hee) are living a happy life together. That is until Joo-yeong's past catches up with her and she disappears. Do-hyeong finds himself going deeper and deeper into a dark world, as he will stop at nothing to find Joo-yeong. Cha Yoon-mi (Lee Si-yeong) is a detective who is connected to Joo-yeong and her illegal past. She handles Joo-yeong's disappearance case, which reveals the organization they were both connected to has resurfaced.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "My Beautiful Bride".

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