Sunday, May 17, 2015

Drama Review - Super Daddy Yeol

Adding comedy to a story about someone's terminal illness and last attempt at leaving their own in good hands does not sound like a wise move. Life is of course complicated and joy co-exists with sadness. In fact, one gives the other more impact. It is therefore not a wise move, but also not impossible to pull off well. Sadly, 'Super Daddy Yeol' does not succeed with this approach and the rest of its issues drag its good potential down.

Han Yeol (Lee Dong-geon) works as a rehabilitation coach for baseball players, something he himself was before his circumstances ended his career. Having been hurt by Cha Mi-rae (Lee Yoo-ri) leaving him, he has remained a bachelor. Mi-rae herself is raising her daughter as a single mom, but life throws her a curveball and she finds out she is dying of cancer. Mi-rae sets in motion a plan to find Yeol and start a rehabilitation attempt of making him into a good father for her daughter, Sa-rang.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Super Daddy Yeol".

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