Sunday, March 29, 2015

Drama First Look - Super Daddy Yeol

Creating a heartwarming story about human pain, desperation and the bonding between strangers is no easy task. When the plot devices which bring the people in question together are also outrageous, it takes extra effort to really solidify the motivations, emotions and troubles of the characters in order to make those outrageous devices feel human. 'Super Daddy Yeol' is not such a show at the moment. In fact, it has achieved the exact opposite through its clumsiness and mishandling of its important points.

One of the first things that viewers would probably wonder about would be if this is a romantic comedy when the female lead is dying of cancer and how that can possibly work. Oddly enough, the series has kept its light tone throughout the first four episodes. Some of it is done by annoying measures, such as the overuse of bad comedy and sound effects, showing complete lack of faith in the actors' comedic skills, but there is nonetheless some effort there. Keeping its light tone, however, comes at a cost. The cost is that many serious issues which should have been handled with responsibility are laughed off.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama First Look] "Super Daddy Yeol".

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