Sunday, December 21, 2014

Actor Spotlight - Lee Beom Soo

Maintaining a steady career in entertainment is not an easy feat. Maintaining a steady and popular career across media and earning respect is even harder. People can become stars, but stars fade. And those who usually support these stars rarely get their chance at the spotlight. However, many actors manage to find their way around these issues and earn their spot and the prestige that comes with it. Lee Beom-soo is definitely one of those actors.

While many go into the craft without prior studies or make their debut later in life, Lee has been focused on this from early on. After studying in the Department of Theater of his university, he debuted in a minor role in 1990 film 'Well, Let's Look at the Sky Sometimes' at age 19. Since then, he has worked across media, focusing more on film and later drama as well. His movie breakthrough role was in 2003 film 'Singles' and aside from a minor role in drama '8 Love Stories', his first major drama appearance was in 2007 'Surgeon Bong Dal-hee'.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Lee Beom-soo.

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