Sunday, November 30, 2014

Drama Review - Blade Man

Shows about superheroes are not exactly common in Korean drama. When 'Blade Man' was announced, it sounded like a very silly premise and one which would likely have very little to offer aside a gimmick and romance. Surprisingly, the series did some things to be envied by others dramas and its freshness was wonderful. That is, until the usual drama problems struck. 'Blade Man' is truly odd, but not for the reasons originally assumed.

Joo Hong-bin (Lee Dong-wook) looks like a typical spoiled rich man. Having a bad relationship with his father due to him driving away Hong-bin's first love, he takes his frustrations out on others. What makes him different is that he has supernatural abilities, some of which manifest when he is upset. Son Se-dong (Sin Se-kyeong) is a game designer looking for a new job for herself and her team. She takes care of those around her and works hard to earn a living. When she is hired at Hong-bin's company, they begin to slowly bond and with her help, Hong-bin starts addressing the problems in his life.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Blade Man".

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