Sunday, November 2, 2014

Actor Spotlight - Lee Han Wi

What introduction can one really give an actor like Lee Han-wi? A better question would be, who does not know Lee Han-wi. For anyone with even entry-level experience with South Korean cinema and drama, Lee is a face they have seen at least once. He has been in every type of work and role imaginable and even if not in a major one, he is memorable every single time. With a career of three decades and counting, Lee Han-wi is an entertaining and beloved veteran.

Since his debut in 1983 and especially after his career started picking up around the late 90s, Lee has been working nonstop. Having been in almost 100 works in cinema and television, the man is definitely prolific in his work. Comedy, drama, thriller, light works, dark works, secondary characters, cameos, comedic roles, villainous roles, fathers, criminals, lawyers, you name it and Lee has probably done it. Being active in his profession aside, it is the sheer dedication in each and every role and his delightful portrayal of each character that really make Lee such a joy to watch.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Lee Han-wi.

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