Sunday, September 21, 2014

Actor Spotlight - Uhm Jung Hwa

Juggling two careers is a common occurrence for actors in South Korea, but it is also one which comes under fire often. Those who have a career in singing or modeling have a lot more to prove in terms of dedications and skills when they make the jump to acting. Uhm Jung-hwa is one of the bright examples of simultaneously handling two careers and being active in many more ways with efficiency in each field. Both in choices and performances, she is a star.

Unlike many who jump from one career to include another in their efforts, Uhm debuted as a singer and actress with only one year between debuts. Uhm's first acting role was in 1993 film 'Marriage Story', but she only made her real breakthrough with 2001 movie 'Marriage Is a Crazy Thing'. After 'Singles' in 2003 and a series of other successes, her place in the movie world was secured. On the drama side, she has been in a few roles, her most recent ones being 'He Who Can't Marry' in 2009 and 'A Witch's Love' in 2014. However, cinema is definitely the main focus of her work so far.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Actor Spotlight] Uhm Jung-hwa.

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