Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kang Dong Won Wants a Drama, Hell Just Froze Over

So while I have been busy and unaware of Korean happenings these past few days, this happened. A piece of news, translated above by Soompi, about Kang Dong Won having tried to get back to Korean drama and gotten rejected for the undisclosed part he took a shot at.

Firstly, I am amused by the fact that many fans think the rejection was shocking. Casting directors are not fangirls, folks. We might find these people awesome, but everyone has their place. Kang Dong Won has little drama experience and is probably higher maintenance than actors who are used to being treated poorly by this system.

Secondly, since no really awesome dramas have come out lately, I am personally glad he was rejected. I hope he can maybe land a cable one or at least almost entirely pre-produced one. There is no way he can avoid the things he went through during his short drama career on any of the Big Three and any live-filmed production and I hope he is not expecting to. If he does choose such a drama, he will have to be prepared. I personally think he might even take another 10-year drama break after that, having been traumatized all over again.

One thing is for sure, he is going to get a lot of offers from now on. While creators will be skeptical and probably afraid of him, he is a big enough name to bring in people's interest and productions will still want him in their works just for that. I really hope he will choose wisely, because the issues he seemed to have a problem with have not really gone anywhere and we all know the artistic level and integrity of dramas is less stable than a crystal glass in a roller-coaster.

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