Sunday, August 17, 2014

Drama Review - Haeundae Lovers

Knowing one's level and limitations is an important virtue for creators of any kind. While ambition is good, it is also crucial to not take oneself more seriously than is appropriate. One common issue in Korean dramas is that works often tend to present themselves as more than the light entertainment they usually are. Once in a while, however, come shows that know where they stand, be they melodramatic or comedic. 'Haeundae Lovers' is a romantic comedy drama and it is also fluff, something which it is aware and unapologetic of, allowing it to be fun.

Lee Tae-seong (Kim Kang-woo) is a prosecutor who is devoted to and passionate about his job. He has a rich and powerful father, a beautiful fiancée, but cares more about catching criminals than belonging in his circles. For his latest case, he goes undercover and attempts to infiltrate the family of Go So-ra (Jo Yeo-jeong), the daughter and heir of a famous has-been gang in Busan. So-ra and her family are trying to get by and hope to one day reclaim the hotel that was stolen from her father, leaving him mentally challenged during the gang conflict. After losing his memory due to an accident, Tae-seong is taken in by the family and begins bonding with them and falling for So-ra in the process.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Haeundae Lovers".

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