Saturday, July 5, 2014

Chicken Coconut Milk Curry

Torturing people with food photos is a common occurrence online and my latest Twitter victim, Becca, sparked the writing of this recipe, so here we go. The original recipe was fine, but given most require a lot of money and work to make as they are and that I often do not like parts of them, this is my own take on an existing recipe from... somewhere. The interwebs.


1 cup of onion

500 gr chicken (I use breast pieces)

Cumin seeds (a full tea spoon)

Oil for frying the stuff

1 chicken stock cube

Half a cup or a bit more of tomato pulp (I use the fully ground one)

1 can of coconut milk

3 bell peppers (I use one red, one yellow, one green)

1-2 tea spoons of turmeric powder

1 tea spoon of garam masala

1 table spoon of Korean red pepper flakes (or pure chili flakes/powder)

Some sugar (to make it a bit sweet and take away the tomato pulp sourness)

Some salt


Chop the chicken into small pieces or strips. Chop the onions. Finely chopped or even sliced will do, depends on how you like them. Chop the peppers in slices. In fact, "chop everything" would have sufficed. Do that.

Put some oil in a pan on high heat and fry the onions to soften them a bit. Then add the cumin seeds and wait until they start popping, which is always mildly unsettling. Push it all aside, so that it won't burn while you fry the chicken, which you will be adding now. When that's all done, add the peppers and fry those up a bit too.

Now it's time for the tomato pulp. If you want, you can add some water at this stage, if you feel you want everything to be softer by the end, you wuss. I personally don't want to, but my mother does, the wuss, so I put a tiny bit.

Add the turmeric powder, crush in the chicken stock cube like kdrama crushes our hopes and dreams and then also add the red pepper flakes.

When it's all nicely mixed together, it's time for the coconut milk. Take the food off the heat and add that, then quickly add the garam masala, while the liquid is still cold. Then put it back on the stove, stir well and add the sugar. I actually added sugar after the tomato pulp, then a bit at this stage then some more at the end, since I wanted it sweeter. The whole amount I used was about a table spoon. You can put a bit and then add more at the end if you need it. You can put some salt in too, it depends on how salty your chicken stock cube is. Taste the thing and see, I'm not your taste buds.

Let it cook on medium-high-ish heat for a while, until the sauce is thick and reduced quite a bit. If you like it more watery, you can take it off sooner, but I like it thick and creamy (I am regretting this sentence already).

Put it over some rice of your choice, eat, enjoy, thank me for this recipe in your mind or curse me and the day I was born onto this Earth, if something did not work out.

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