Sunday, June 1, 2014

Drama Review - Coffee House

Try to name a few romantic comedies where the problems that keep a couple apart are based on their own issues, rather than an outside force or noble idiocy. Forget disapproving mothers in law and the leads deciding that, although no one is forcing them, they need to give up the person they like for a while, for reasons. 'A Witch's Love' would be a recent example and although shaky in its handling of the love triangle and female lead lately, a good one. 'Coffee House' is another.

The series follows a young woman's journey to her dream of becoming a writer. When Kang Seung-yeon (Ham Eun-jeong) is hired as a secretary to an eccentric and quite demanding writer named Lee Jin-soo (Kang Ji-hwan), she gets to have a shot at making her dream come true, if she manages to survive his hazing. On the other hand, Jin-soo's publishing house owner and longtime friend, Seo Eun-yeong (Park Si-yeon) is trying to keep him focused and writing. As Seung-yeon struggles to find a life for herself, she becomes aware of the connection between Jin-soo and Eun-yeong and discovers both people and their world is more complicated than she had realized.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Coffee House".

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