Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jung Woo Sung and Lee Beom Soo Baduk It Out in 'The Divine Move' - Poster, Stills and Videos

After an initial couple of stills only one of which was officially released, we got nothing on 'The Divine Move' [신의 한수] (previously 'God's One Move' or 'God's Trick') for months. Thankfully, Showbox has now obliged, having gone into a promotional spree for its upcoming movies. So we get a lot of stills, a poster and a trailer. Because we deserve to be spoiled for our patience.

'The Divine Move' is about a baduk player who is framed for the murder of his own brother and thrown in jail. When he comes out, he picks his allies and sets out to get his revenge on the person who committed the murder and ruined his life.

Our resident wronged guy is played by Jung Woo Sung and his nemesis by personal darling Lee Beom Soo. Another personal darling featured here is Lee Si Yeong, who was last described as someone on the villain's side, although I smell betrayal and it smells interesting. Given the previous collaboration between Lee Beom Soo and Lee Si Yeong in 2009 film 'Descendants of Hong Gil Dong', its genre and the relationship dynamics there, this will be a very different setting I am really looking forward to. Add to that Ahn Sung Ki, Kim In Kwon, Ahn Kil Kang and Choi Jin Hyuk and oh boy, is that a cool cast.

The movie is directed by Jo Beom Goo ('Three Fellas', 'The Bad Utterances', 'Quick') and there is no information on the writer, at least where I have looked. Having been quite disappointed by all of Jo's movies so far, I cannot say he is my favorite creator. I sincerely hope 'The Divine Move' will not be like his past works, but if it is, give me toplessness and plenty of Si Yeong (without toplessness, although I know some would appreciate that). A viewer has to adjust their expectations, after all. I expect very little, so I will be grateful if this is decent.

So here are some goodies for you. The movie premieres in July 2014.


Coverage by SBS, KBS and MBC

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