Tuesday, March 11, 2014

'Triangle' Most Likely Gets Oh Yeon Soo

After the Donga false reporting fiasco with Park Jin Hee, you can never be too careful. That said, multiple sources are reporting it this time, so it's a safer bet. Oh Yeon Soo ('Bad Guy', 'IRIS 2') is apparently considering/in the final stages of being cast as the cool profiler for MBC's melodrama 'Triangle' [트라이앵글].

Given I was half convinced they would eventually cast a guy in drag, what with Lee Mi Yeon and Go Ara dropping it and the false Park news, this is a very happy turn of events. Also, eye sex. Yes, we get more eye sex, which was one of the few things worth one's time in 'IRIS 2'. There is some good chemistry between Miss Oh here and Lee Beom Soo. Since their characters will be working together in this, it is quite appreciated and the lady is very cool, so I really couldn't be happier about it all.

What is not such good news and not appreciated is that the production company for this is Taewon Entertainment. Yes, the 'IRIS' franchise company. Which explains the casting and adds to my fear for this series. If Song Seung Heon also signs up (no news there yet), then this will be both a 'Dr. Jin' and 'IRIS 2' reunion project, which makes it a special kind of horribly epic.

Maybe 'Prime Minister and I' going so wrong at the end will help me through this. There is no greater disappointment I have experienced from Lee Beom Soo's works, given how awesome that was before things went South, so I might have just been desensitized to any other type of already iffy looking failure.

If you'd like to know how I felt about 'IRIS 2' and enjoy my pain, here.

'Triangle' is still airing as originally planned, following 'Empress Ki' in May, on MBC.

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