Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Kim Jae Joong Joins 'Triangle' as Middle Brother

So, this happened. A 'Dr. Jin' reunion, just not the one we expected. Seeing Song Seung Heon potentially join 'Triangle' [트라이앵글] had sure laughs in my future, but now we have reached an in-between point.

You see, Kim Jae Joong is both not as bad as Song and therefore not laughter inducing, but really nowhere near a good actor either. Especially to (hopefully not) lead a melodrama. But he is cast and I am sure he will work hard, even if that is not enough to save this.

Jae Joong will play the middle brother here, Jang Dong Cheol, who grew up in a life of crime, ready to make his cop hyung proud. You can see man-pain and melodrama written all over that. The brothers get separated after their parents die, and do not meet again for 20 years.

Lee Beom Soo and Im Si Wan have already been confirmed to play the oldest (Jang Dong Soo) and youngest (Jang Dong Joon). Oh Yeon Soo is now confirmed as the profiler and apparently the oldest brother's love interest. So we might at least get more than eye-sex this time.

I cannot say I am any happier about Jae Joong joining than I would have been with Song. Since the laughs are gone and the kid is not melodrama lead material (unless he dramatically improved), I am more on the deflated side now. That said, with Lee 'Idol Whisperer' Beom Soo leading this (thank you to Aigoooo from Dramabeans for that awesome title), it might actually work. So let's hope he does.

That is assuming we forget this is by Taewon Entertainement, which has gravely disappointed in terms of plot and characterization in its series before. So really, bring it. I am not in any way invested in it beyond Lee's involvement and a hopefully good pre-army role for Jae Joong . If all else fails, more-than-eye-sex will have to do.

I am still not sure about the length, but 'Triangle' will air after 'Empress Ki', in May.

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