Wednesday, March 5, 2014

'Golden Cross' Lands Its Main Cast

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As I said in my 'Triangle' pieces, I do not watch melodrama for just anybody. But Lee Si Yeong has now been confirmed to star in KBS2's 'Golden Cross' [골든 크로스] and this makes it the third melodrama I'm in for this spring. I am terrified, but smiling.

'Golden Cross' is about a man named Kang Do Yoon, who has a lovely relationship with his mother and sister. When his sister is murdered, he decides to take revenge against the person responsible. Who, of course, is the father of his leading lady. It's a melodrama. You know the woman's family has to have done some terrible thing to keep the lovebirds off each other until the end.

The series is written by Yoo Hyeon Mi, who wrote 'Gaksital/Bridal Mask' and directed by Hong Seok Goo, a PD of 'Marry Me, Mary'... Ok, the latter is less than encouraging, but I have to believe such a writer would be given a worthy PD to work with, so let's see.

After a short scare with Park Shi Hoo gunning for the male lead role, he gave up (good riddance) and now Kim Kang Woo has confirmed to lead. This makes me very happy, because he's someone I really like. He is not afraid to be silly or different and in an industry where many a handsome man try to be swoon-worthy and cool, someone who feels more down to Earth and relaxed with his choices is appreciated.

This makes me happy for my "darling" too, because I honestly did not want to see her having to be romanced by a nearly convicted rapist. Given she has a strong image and that this is her first leading role in a big melodrama, it could have also tainted an important step for her. Now she gets a co-star without baggage.

Uhm Ki Joon is also confirmed to play businessman Michael Jang and complete the trio as the second male lead. Han Eun Jung is already confirmed as the second female lead. The best part? Lee Si Yeong's character's father is played by Jung Bo Seok. Yes, that Jung Bo Seok.

The man whose face made me want to hit my television in every single scene he had in 'Giant'. This man can look obnoxious and stir up a viewer's murderous instincts like nobody's business. And what better person to play a villain than someone who nearly makes you physically ill when he switches that on? I love this dude and I am so very happy he is the big baddie here.

'Golden Cross' follows 'Inspiring Generation' in the Wed-Thu 21:55 slot on KBS2.

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