Sunday, March 23, 2014

Drama Review - Bad Family

When it comes to the concept of family, Korean dramas usually go for a traditional approach. Biological nuclear families. The types of parents we see in them are also very few. Sometimes, they seem to be there just to oppose a union, nag and bring humor or then melodrama. But sometimes, a drama will step out of those tropes and offer something new. 'Bad Family' is all about the most unconventional step-family one could imagine. It also turns out to be a great piece on what makes a family and what is important in human relationships.

When a little girl named Na-rim (Lee Yeong-yoo) loses her entire family in a car accident and suffers memory loss from it, her uncle hires Oh Dal-geon (Kim Myeong-min), a man offering fake guests for weddings, to get together a fake family in order to not further shock Na-rim until her uncle can investigate the event that took his relatives' lives. Dal-geon finds his group of misfits and mostly forces them into the whole deal. There are two simple rules for this fake family. Presenting a harmonious and happy environment and no romance between members. Both of which the viewer just knows will be broken.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Bad Family".

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