Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drama First Look - Three Days

SBS seems to be enjoying an experiment with suspense and the real-time format at the moment. Both 'God's Gift - 14 Days' and 'Three Days' take place in the amount of time seen in their title and this means the way their stories are told is very different to the way we are used to seeing them in Korean drama. The suspense element and mysteries are also adding to the tricky nature, making the works' success or failure a potential standard that the industry will follow or avoid in the future.

In contrast to the more personal approach of 'God's Gift - 14 Days', 'Three Days' is going for exciting action and political conspiracy intrigue. With barely any introduction to the characters, the series goes for the big event, the assassination attempt, after which it slowly and methodically reveals little bits and pieces about it and the bigger picture, keeping viewers invested both in how the current issues will be resolved and the story that led to them. The same goes for the characters, who start off as quite hard to really get a read on or feel for, but slowly get characterized through their actions, backstory and connection to the events taking place.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama First Look] "Three Days".

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