Sunday, February 2, 2014

Unconventional Korean Dramas

Being a movie fan making a jump to dramas can be a daunting experience. The two are very different in many ways. From budget to tropes, from acting to directing, they are worlds apart. While there are genres even Korean films do not often touch, Korean drama is much more limited in its diversity. Sageuk, melodrama, dailies, romantic comedies, the types and formats of series are limited.

So if we look past those categories, what can we find in terms of originality in concepts and genres? This is a small list providing a few examples of dramas which, due to how they are written, presented or the genre they cover, are very different to what Korean television usually has to offer.


Channel: OCN
Directors: Jo Kyoo-ok, Kim Jeong-goo, Kong Soo-chang, You Joon-suk
Writers: Lee Kyeong-eun, Oh Nam-kyeong, Sin Joon-hyeong
Cast: Lee Se-eun, Lee Jeong-heon, Lee Yeong-jin
Year: 2006
Genre: Horror/Mystery

'Coma' is interesting both because of its genre being horror, but also its format. A mini-series of 5 episodes featuring different protagonists, all of which find themselves in the hospital where the events take place, on the same day, with their paths crossing. Through each story, the central plot is developed. Well made, scary and delivering on the mystery, this does better than even many horror movies.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Column] Unconventional Korean Dramas.

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