Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Park Jin Hee joins MBC's 'Triangle' - Except Not

Image credit: SBS News

Update: According to Sports Seoul and TV Report, MBC officials say her being cast is not true. So join me in flipping Sports Donga off and let me correct my post.

Lee Mi Yeon might have dropped the series and Go Ara will probably follow, since she is nearly confirmed for another drama, but 'Triangle' [트라이앵글] gained a lady would have gained a lady to balance things out. Park Jin Hee has just been cast as a profiler and apparently all around beautiful and cool woman. Except only Sports Donga cast her.

This is the third time she will would have worked with Lee Beom Soo, the first one being the 2000 movie 'Just Do It!' and the second one the brilliant 2010 series 'Giant'. Unless you count the incredibly tiny 'On Air' cameo, which makes it the fourth. She is not a favorite of mine, but if she gets were to get a cool character and not a drama queen, she will would do fine. Her chemistry with Lee Beom Soo was also not impressive, sadly, but she is only confirmed not confirmed as his character's co-worker so far and this series looks more heavy on the bromance than romance anyway.

Still no news on Song Seung Heon and it feels a bit like he is just teasing us at the moment, since his role will probably be the most important one. Maybe now that women stopped will hopefully stop running away from the show, he and his abs can approach it without his gorgeousness scaring people away.

Apologies, I cannot resist such comments. It is my tendency to kid about those I like. I don't like him as an actor, since he barely qualifies, but I do think he'll fit this role nicely if he does confirm.

'Triangle' is still airing as previously stated, taking up the Monday-Tuesday MBC timeslot of 'Empress Ki' in the beginning of May.

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