Friday, February 28, 2014

Orion's Ramblings on Facebook

I am now the proud and still a bit clueless owner of a Facebook page. While I write about things I like and dislike on this blog, I often just wish I could post a movie trailer or a photo or just a comment on a work I am interested in or actor I like.

Twitter is lovely for chatting and randomness and tumblr is mostly for funny posts, cat gifs and such. People don't comment there much either. So since I've dug right in with the rest of these platforms, I thought I might as well make a Facebook page too. Be it my own posts or interesting things I find, they will be posted there. And I will probably talk about them on Twitter too. And might blog about them. The idea is to have options and freedom.

You see, most people I add to my personal Facebook are family, friends and offline acquaintances. And I really do not have many people in my life who are interested in Korean cinema and dramas that are not online only. So this page is a place where I can post about a movie or drama and hopefully not have to hear the sound of the wind as all my contacts ignore it. But also any other things I find interesting that are somehow related to my hobbies.

So feel free to comment, like it or follow it. Or not. As I said, freedom is the idea.

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