Monday, February 17, 2014

Lee Beom Soo and Im Si Wan confirm 'Triangle'

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I said there would be more news on this if Lee Beom Soo got cast and it seems I will yet again have to follow him to Drama Hell, because it just happened.

Big Bro and Little Bro are confirmed for MBC's melodrama 'Triangle' [트라이앵글], which tells the story of three brothers who reunite after having lost one another 20 years ago. The brightest of you might have already guessed Lee Beom Soo will be playing the oldest brother while Im Si Wan will be the youngest one.

Middle Bro has not been cast yet, meaning we still do not know if Song Seung Heon will be joining. Part of me is wishing he will not, since this could still be a very good melodrama with a good story and capable actors leading, but then part of me would like a good laugh à la 'Dr. Jin'. Plus, he has good chemistry with Lee Beom Soo.

Since the oldest one was surely over 20 when they got separated and the middle one was probably in his teens (if Song gets the role), I doubt there will be any misunderstandings of those two not recognizing each other, with the youngest one being the only one not in the know. Then again, the characters in 'Giant' did not recognize each other either, although one cannot blame them, since both brothers did not exactly age gracefully and the sister was too young.

It was also announced that Lee Mi Yeon has declined the role of Lee Beom Soo's love interest and it makes sense she would want to choose wisely for her return to drama after a four year absence. This sounds like a typical melodrama, so maybe the woman wants something more fresh for her comeback.

There are no news on Go Ara's decision at the moment and she is also considering SBS series 'You're Surrounded' and other projects, so we'll know soon enough.

'Triangle' will follow 'Empress Ki' when the latter ends its run in late April.

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