Sunday, February 16, 2014

Drama Review - White Christmas

Casting a certain type of people in a work is a very important creative, but also marketing decision. When Korean drama is the medium, casting young pretty people tends to pique the interest of a certain type of fans. Those more into heavier entertainment could avoid a series like 'Drama Special - White Christmas' due to its main casting and those looking for said pretty people might sign up with entirely different focus and expectations. In this case, both would be wrong, as this drama special is definitely not light, neither is its most interesting element the looks of its very young and easy on the eyes cast. 'White Christmas' does what very few dramas attempt. It tries to look inwards, into its characters and people in general.

The story of 'White Christmas' takes place at a boarding high-school for the country's richest and most academically achieved students. A small group of them and a supervising PE teacher stay behind during the Christmas and New Year's break. The students remaining realize they have all received the same anonymous letter hinting to a murder taking place very soon. When an unexpected visitor stumbles across the academy, they all find themselves in an increasingly emotionally charged and potentially dangerous environment, trying to figure out the letter and keep sane and alive as old grudges and repressed anger surface.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Drama Special - White Christmas".

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