Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drama Review - Joseon X-Files

Korean science fiction drama. Well there is something you do not see a lot of right there. Science fiction as a genre has really not been attempted much by Korean cinema either and Korean drama is no different with this particular genre. So the fact that a series like 'Joseon X-Files - Secret Book' even exists is a bit of a Dramaland miracle, but the fact that is a mostly well-made and interesting series is an even bigger surprise. The series aired on tvN in 2010 and has two directors and eight writers.

'Joseon X-Files - Secret Book' takes place, as the name states, in the Joseon era. When the inhabitants of a village witness a bright object pass over their area, the local official who reports it is questioned for treason, since speaking of such preposterous phenomena can be seen as doubting the King's divine origins. The man questioned turns out to be the mentor of the male lead, Inspector Kim Hyeong-do (Kim Ji-hoon-I). When Hyeong-do becomes entangled in the case and sees things he is not supposed to, a secret organization lead by Ji Seung (Kim Hap-Soo) and investigating these unexplained phenomena hires him to work for them. Along with him comes his loyal aide, Jang-man (Jo Hee-bong) and a mysterious woman named Heo Yoon-i (Lim Jeong-eun), who has no recollection of her past, but extraordinary abilities and knowledge on technology and the obscure.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Joseon X-Files - Secret Book".
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