Sunday, February 2, 2014

Drama Review - Hero (OCN)

OCN has taken a big step into the world of dramas in the last few years. Going for the crime genre with a spin and going for the multi-season format, it is trying many new things for Korean television. From "God's Quiz" to "Vampire Prosecutor" to 'Special Affairs Team TEN', the style and cinematic quality they are going for are their trademark. Futuristic dark action series 'Hero - Drama - 2012' is OCN's drama directed by Kim Hong-seon-I ('Fireworks - 2006', 'Warrior Baek Dong-soo') and written by Goo Dong-hoi ('Yaksha'). While not certain there will be a second season for this one, the series definitely remains open enough for one.

'Hero - Drama - 2012' takes place in an almost dystopian near future South Korea which is going through a great depression. The chasm between the rich and the poor has gotten bigger, corruption and crime are rampant and the poor suffer at the hands of an almost dictatorship. Kim Heuk-cheol (Yang Dong-geun) is far from a heroic type. Being the second son of the current mayor, Kim Hoon (Son Byeong-ho), he is a spoiled rich brat and a playboy, acting up in hope to get daddy's attention. After a fatal accident that takes Heuk-cheol's life, his father gives the ok to a team of scientists creating some very shady serum for him to inject his son with it and bring him back. The serum saves Heuk-cheol, but also gives him superhuman strength and self-healing abilities. As he discovers his new powers, the need for a hero in this city comes knocking.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Hero - Drama - 2012".

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