Friday, January 31, 2014

Lee Beom Soo and Song Seung Heon Might Reunite for MBC Drama 'Triangle'

Who does not remember 'Dr. Jin'? Well, probably many, because if there is a solid enough reason for selective memory loss, this series would be it. The recent trauma caused by that might resurface for many, as Lee Beom Soo and Song Seung Heon are being asked to work together again for MBC drama 'Triangle' [트라이앵글], which will follow 'Empress Ki' when it ends in late April.

'Triangle' is about three brothers and their bromantic angst. The oldest is a cop, middle one a gangster and youngest raised into a rich family. The law, the breaking of the law, the working around the law. In a tragic separation/reunion twist, the brothers' lives clash without them knowing they are all one big unhappy family. Well if this is not a recipe for disaster makjang, I don't know what is.

Im Si Wan might be the youngest brother, completing the diverse in age, style and acting trio and making it clear they are trying to please every single person on the planet who likes men, and ladies Lee Mi Yeon and Go Ara are also asked to join. Nothing is certain at this point, but the actors are looking at the offer favorably.

Lee and Song have actually acted together before 'Dr. Jin' and their silly/bromantic chemistry is solid, so that is pretty much the only thing I can rely on for hope at the moment. They were together in 1999 series '8 Love Stories' and again in 2002 movie 'Make it Big'.

Lee has made many an actor better, but Song's anti-progress shield is strong.

'Triangle's PD will be Yoo Cheol Yong ('Poseidon', 'Swallow the Sun'). I have seen neither, so I cannot say something about him at this point. The writer will be Choi Wan Gyu ('Midas', 'IRIS', 'Swallow the Sun'). I have only watched 'IRIS' out of all his works, so I cannot say I am filled with confidence.

I find melodrama silly in general, so this is something I will not go into with the hope to be moved and shaken, although 'Giant' showed me I am open to that, if done well. But since I am not one to set myself up for disappointment, I hope that, if it does suck, it will be unintentionally hilarious like 'Dr. Jin'.

More news on this if/when Lee Beom Soo's casting is confirmed. Yes, I do not go through makjang Hell for just anyone. The actors I like and their performances are the only ones I make such sacrifices for.

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