Sunday, October 27, 2013

Drama Review - Coma

With horror dramas being few and far between, this is a genre that mostly goes underrepresented on television, be it due budget issues, reluctance to try horror in a different format or other reasons. Some recent attempts have been made at including horror in the plot, but those are still mainly romantic works and not pure horror series. 'Coma' is a 2006 TV-movie or mini-series created by SIO Film and brought to television by OCN. So this is more of a mix between a film and a drama. Each episode has a different director (Episodes 1 and 5 are done by Kong Soo-chang, creator of 'R-Point' and 'The Guard Post') and the series has three writers.

The premise and starting point of 'Coma' are pretty simple. An insurance agent named Yoon-yeong (Lee Se-eun) arrives at a closing hospital to do her part in wrapping up on her company's behalf, when things start taking a turn for the scary. Everyone involved looks suspicious, at best and the paranormal occurrences are certainly not helping. What makes the story of 'Coma' special is how, much like many horror works, it is much more complicated than what it first appears to be.

Full Article: [HanCinema's Drama Review] "Coma".

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