Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Message to Fans of Popular Entertainment

I was browsing Twitter a while ago (or rather TweetDeck, since Twitter decided to blow their UI up and make a monster out of the pieces), when I saw a "scandal" tweet from my friend Jana. It was about her favorite celebrity. The fact that the man, Mikey Bustos, posted it on his own profile was quite a dead giveaway of it not being an actual scandal video, so I thought I was in for a humorous take on celebrity scandals. A prank. While it sort of was, the video carries a much bigger message.

As I wrote in my own piece, 'Celebrity News Coverage - Double Standards', fans of celebrities tend to get a bit too comfortable with said celebrities, to a point that goes beyond reason and way beyond what any worker-client relationship should be. The reason I love Mikey Bustos' video is because it addresses that issue, yes, but especially because it's also a very important voice from the side we don't usually pause to hear; the side of the celebrity themselves.

So if you're a fan of Korean dramas, Korean music, Hollywood films, singers, actors and generally anyone who is an icon of popular entertainment, I urge you to see this video and think about this topic. Check your privilege and reassess your rights and obligations as a fan. Think about whether the way you face these industries and its workers is fair and based on your rights, or if you are overstepping your boundaries. We are so used to doing that, sometimes, that we don't even see it.

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