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Orion Rambles About Orion's Ramblings - Liebster Award

Liebster Badge

If you've been around the blogosphere a while, you may have heard about the Liebster Award. It is basically an "award" given by people who like your blog enough to force you into a chain-letter-like deal, where you have to pass it along after obeying their every command and pouring your black heart out in writing.

I am of course joking with my unpleasant description. The Ichliebedich Award is a fun nudge for making an About page, which I should have done already.

For now, you can read more about my nickname and the blog's creation here.

Let's get to the Schiefspiegler Award, which is, within my circle, focused on blogs about Korean dramas, movies and generally entertainment, but not only.

Award Rules

The rules seem to differ from person to person, since many change things as they pass this along, so I'll just wing it as well.

  • List 10 random facts about you and your life. It's supposed to be 11, but my slightly obsessive compulsive brain says 10 is better.
  • Answer the questions of those who gave you the award. It says 'nominated you', but then nobody wins it, so let's all be winners.
  • Nominate some other bloggers or interweb people. The special ones.
  • Make some questions for said bloggers. 5 is polite, 10 is pushing it, over that is simply sadistic. Don't torture the folk. Unless they like it.
  • Notify them of their victory and link them to your post. If no one knows they won, things are not exactly fun, are they?
  • Display the Hasenpfeffer Award badge on your blog, to brag about not being hated by everyone and show appreciation for it to your friends.


Who Nominated Me

If more nominate me, I'll make another post. I know these lovely people mostly from Twitter and I regret nothing. Great tool for meeting good folk.

Amanda of 'Outside Seoul':

A recent acquaintance made through our shared insanity and love of dramas. Also, our love of writing a lot. And apparently not knowing how to ride a bike. She covers many topics about kdrama and comes up with some awesome fresh ideas.

Kakashi of 'The Problematic of the Unproblematic':

The Gif Queen of Dramaland. She's fast and knows what to gif, be it funny scenes or topless men. She has wit, humor and a habit of tweeting yummy food pictures, which I love and hate at the same time. So much yummy food I can't have. However, she survived 'IRIS2' with me, so our bond has deepened through mutual pain.

Belinda of 'It's My World-NewKDramaAddict's Drama Sandbox':

Another recent acquaintance and fresh new blogger, Belinda loves her dramas and movies. She has a huge list of watched ones and has no plans of stopping! She is also not big on romance dramas, which is a breath of fresh air in Dramaland.

Ten Orifacts

1. I have read maybe a total of 5 books in my lifetime. I don't know why. My brother is very academically smart, loves reading. So does my mother. I never did. Maybe it's because the Greek schooling system is based on learning texts by heart. I was always a straight A student, but I hated not being free to really learn as I please. I am stubborn, so I thought I had enough of books at school and gave up on them outside of it. I still feel oppressed when reading.

However, I consider myself a semi-intelligent person. Books are a good tool, yes, but upbringing and character matter. I don't read, but I educate myself through other media. Books are important, but I also don't think not reading makes you an idiot. If it does, then people have been lying to me about my smarts. *sharpening machete*

2. I love the symbol of a dragonfly. I love it as a shape. Especially in jewelry. If you want to make me happy, it's the go-to shape. I am not pretty enough right now to wear good jewelry, since I don't have nice clothes to go with it, but I do love them.

Jewelry, clocks, music boxes, all that stuff. If it has dragonflies, I'm in. It's also one of the very few insects I will not scream and run away from. So, two facts in one. Ori fears insects too. They're needed in our world, but they can stay away from me.

Pretty Dragonfly Pendant
This is allowed near me. This is definitely allowed near me!

3. My mom watches dramas and movies with me. She is a very adaptable person and can get along with all kinds of people. She can hang out with kids, young people and older ones as well. She's a fangirl and she loves Korean entertainment. And the hotties. She has kyaaing tendencies too, but she's a sane enthusiast.

4. I used to watch ghost movies like nobody's business and was never much afraid of the idea or the dark. The older I get, the more chicken I become when it comes to the paranormal though.

It's not that I believe I'd experience such things. Fear is in our brain, however, and I am therefore afraid of what my brain might create out of fear. I fear fear. Rather silly of me and I still enjoy scary horror movies/games, just not at night and when alone.

I'll only play Asian horror games with a group. And someone else can do the playing...

5. I learned how to swim due to absentmindedness. I used to hold on to my mom when we went to the beach. One day, I was thinking about something else and had gotten distracted, when mom said "Come on, try letting go".

I did and whaddayaknow, it's very hard to sink in sea water. I later taught a friend how to swim, when we were teenagers. I felt very happy that she could finally enjoy swimming as well. I have not swam in over 10 years, but I hope I will one day lose my weight and feel comfortable swimming with people again.

6. I have acrophobia. A huge fear of heights. I'm not talking "queasy on a rooftop" here, I mean I can barely go up a few steps on certain staircases without getting really scared.

If we're talking balconies, edges and such, I get a panic attack. My face goes ghost white, I can't speak much or breathe normally, I cling on to the nearest sturdy object and my mind goes blank. Complete shutdown. Thankfully, it only happened 3-4 times when I forced myself, so I am now careful. It's limiting though. Any place without elevator access is off limits, not to mention glass elevators...

That is Pretty High
My favorite scenes in movies. Glass elevator and a rooftop scene!

7. I used to love 'Kommissar Rex' as a kid and had a crush on Tobias Moretti. I was so fascinated by the idea of German, which I thought the series was at the time. Even though we had it dubbed in Greek, I took a dictionary once and learned the days in German after reading it once or twice. I still remember them and I still want to learn German eventually.

Needless to say, I hated it when Moser died and had what was probably one of my first nerd-rage attacks over it. How could they off a character we'd gotten so attached to for years!? I still don't forgive them. Yes, Moretti wanted to leave, but why kill the character, for crying out loud?

8. I fell down like any other person when I was little, but I eventually turned it into an art. One time, both knees got scratched. Just as they were healing, after a good amount of time, I fell down again and the whole process started for a second time. The knees were nearly fine, the scab close to coming off. Then I fell again...

I was pretty pissed about my luck, although I now find it a bit funny. I have a scar on each knee, as a memory of being a particularly clumsy idiot during that year.

What I think I was like at the time

9. I love post-apocalyptic movies, series and games. Sci-fi in general. I just love the idea of future worlds and how society would be like if it collapsed or had new rules and species to live with. I loved 'seaQuest DSV' and 'Star Trek: TNG' as a child.

I also really loved 'Earth 2' and was incredibly sad when I realized the last episode was the end. It was very depressing and I am still very broken up about it.

10. If you think I probably went through the normal fangirl phase of finding celebrities perfect due to looks as a teenager, then you'd be wrong, as I've been a fair critic and attracted to talent since young.

I mean, I did have a short Orlando Bloom crush due to LOTR. The man was nice to look at, but let's be honest. He could freeze hell over with his acting back then. The secondhand embarrassment made the crush dissolve very quickly.

I was afraid he'd break something each time he tried forming expressions

The Bloggish Inquisition

Here are the questions from those who nominated me for the Gemütlichkeit Award. Here are my answers too, obviously.


1. What’s your motivation for blogging?

I just need to speak up about certain things, be it things I love or things I dislike. Writing makes me happy and I want to show the things and people I like to others, as a sign of my appreciation. I also feel not talking about problems does not solve them. When I care, I give tough love.

2. Do you post under your real name? Why or why not? And if you don’t, how did you chose your blogging identity?

I wrote about my blogging identity here. My real first name is Vasia. It comes from Vasileia, my grandmother's name, which means 'reign'. So those who call me a royal bitch are not very wrong. :P In Greece, Santa is St. Vasileios, so I am also named after Santa. Unfortunately, I only have his weight, not his toys. I started blogging using a nickname because the internet is the internet and it's best to be safe. Especially since many will not like my brutal honesty when it comes to my hobbies.

What my avatar looks like when she's not in fangirling shut-in mode

3. What’s your favorite blog post that you’ve written so far?

At the risk of sounding very narcissistic, I really like most of my posts, which is why I write them. I do tend to get bitter or too serious sometimes, but I do love it when I feel inspired and have some humor in them. Like the 'Marry me, Mary' review, which was a combination of both. I have bad days and good days, but I enjoy blogging.

4. What has been your biggest blogging challenge (e.g. getting people to comment, making headers, placing pictures side by side, etc)?

Certain technical issues did annoy me, like setting Disqus up and figuring out the html and CSS problems when things went wrong. I don't really think about the views and quantity is not what I'm after, but I do wish more people would comment on the topics. I don't know if they're just not interested or shy, but I would love to interact with readers more and get to know them. Even those who disagree can still have a good argument with me. Respect is all I ask for.

5. What are your favorite and least favorite drama cliches?

I generally dislike the idea of cliches so I can't say I love any specific ones. It really depends on how they're done. Something like the piggyback ride can be funny too. Like the reversed version in 'Coffee Prince' or Yoo Bang carrying Shi Hwang in 'History of the Salaryman'. But I do hate many. The romartyr one makes me feel the love is shallow and the kissing is horrible.

Evil mothers in law, family secrets, amnesia, doomed to be Forever Alone second lead, "studied abroad" characters with horrible English etc. Also, the second female lead bitches....

I find them very misogynistic types of characters. It's basically saying that a successful, capable, financially stable and independent woman who likes dressing up and wearing make up is evil, while all the "pure" types are saints. I hate that pushing of the "good houswife" stereotype as what women should be like.

Salaryman Piggyback
Kdrama couples should find normal romantic ways to touch. Leave piggybacks to sweetness.


She said: I'll continue to bend the rules, cause I'm a rebel like that, and will ask these microbloggers to just tweet a 140 chars description of their all-time-favorite KDrama (if they want to accept their nomination)

Liebster Salaryman

I cannot say I have any one favorite drama, but 'History of the Salaryman' would come close to it. I do love many series, maybe just as much, but this will always be a liiiiittle extra epic. Maybe because it twists cliches and the usual types of kdrama characters and joins comedy with romance, action, melodrama and even crime.


Why do you blog? And how often? (I admit to being a lazy blogger!)

I answered it above and I can also be a lazy blogger. Sometimes I have posted every few days. Sometimes, it takes weeks and weeks. It depends on my mood, offline obligations, whether there are news on the topics and people I am interested in and other things.

I am just one person so I can't cover everything and everyone. I blog about what I have time for. Sometimes, I might only tweet about things or comment on other blogs, since that is where I get inspired, sometimes by things others said. So I don't have a schedule or anything.

I Am A Rebel

Who I Gift With the Kaffeeklatsch Award

I wish I could nominate you all for your awesomeness, but I'll need to limit this somehow, so I'll stick to blogging as a criterion for this first part. I assume I can't nominate those who gave me the award, but if I could, I would. They're 100% in.

Ethlenn: For telling it like it is, covering things from kpop to dramas to history and culture. This is an educated and articulate lady. And she'll crush your bones.

KFangirl: For being dedicated to her reviews and taking kdrama by the horns, one series at a time. Functional, easy and pleasant to navigate blog.

Mystisith: For having many different types of posts and interesting topics, without limiting her scope, which makes her blogging mighty fun to read and very humorous.

Dewaanifordrama: For the hilarious drama rating system and sheer amount of them, along with the dedication to Korean drama in general.

KdramaLaws: For being fair and ruthless about all the things in Korean drama which make our hair whiter every day. And she does it with the heavy hand of the law.

Ripgal: For being invested in both dramas and movies and compiling a list of reviews, along with blogging about all kinds of interesting topics.

Luiza: She may not blog about Korean things, but she is one dedicated mini-reviewer and lover of movies from many genres.

Refresh daemon: For his knowledge and experience with Korean cinema, his great writing skills and covering a great array of works and topics.

And because a) it hurts me to leave such lovely people out and b) this award is made up anyway, I make my own damn award! Awards for all the awesome people! Here's your Microliebster Award, you microblogging darlings!

JoAnne: You are a hilarious momma and you bring much needed laughter into my life. Your descriptions rock, you smut savant.

Issy: You are my sweet dose of acceptance and love. This wicked woman needs your kindness. Your classy fangirling is lovely.

Arakira: You are like a unicorn. I don't see you often, but you are pure magic when I do. You're one tough, sweet cookie.

Jeelisa: The way you express yourself makes me feel as if I'm sitting right beside you. You're one fun and hilarious gal.

Ricky: You and your crazy tweets are a never-ending source of entertainment. Your slice-of-life adventures are pure gold.

RedEyedFrog: Because you, my froggy beauty, give me wonderful conversations, humor and even arguments. You're my kind of frog.

Viande: You are one bright and sweet kpop nut and there is a purity about you that just makes people feel lovely. A smart, fun lass.

Jubies33: If crazy had wheels, you'd still outrun it. You're one hilarious and merciless woman. I like you, you psycho.

Alexe: You are a lovely lady who treats us all like precious ducklings. We're a loud bunch, but you support us nonetheless.



The microbloggers and tweeple can just try a 140/280 character challenge.

Since there were no Schadenfreude Award rules over what questions they need to be, I thought I would not limit myself to blogging. I might even make a post answering my own questions. Of course, I force no one and I know you all love and worship me without answering, so don't stress about it if you don't find it fun.

1. What kind of posts do you wish you had more of in your blog or what kind of topics do you wish you talked more about and what is stopping you from doing it?

2. If there was a zombie/monster/alien apocalypse and you could only take 5 actors/actresses (not characters) with you to fight by your side, who would you choose and why?

3. Say you had a ticket like the one in 'Last Action Hero'. Which 5 kdrama moments would you enter and be a part of (without changing them)? You can choose movies.

4. Which type of kdrama male lead/boyfriend or female lead/girlfriend do you choose? What kind of Prince/ss Charming do you go for? I'm talking character, not looks.

5. Since most of us try not to swear much when we blog, but swearing is part of my culture and even way of expressing love, give me your 5 favorite/most used swear-words. You can use stars to keep it clean. :P

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