Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lee Beom Soo Works - Movie Recommendation List

Lee Beom Soo Movies

As I mentioned in my 'Lee Beom Soo Works - Drama Recommendation List' post, I have seen enough of his films to compile a list of them and voice some opinions on the pieces. As he has not done many dramas, I mentioned them all (but one, where he had a tiny role), but when it comes to movies, the list is much longer.

Having seen about half of his films so far, there are only a few left in which he has a major role and despite his performances always being lovely to watch, I don't love or like all of the movies themselves. Here are the ones I would recommend, however.

Keep in mind, I don't necessarily hate the rest of his works I have watched and being a big fan, I do not regret watching them, but I just wouldn't watch them twice and don't feel they should not be missed by non big fans.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lee Beom Soo Works - Drama Recommendation List

Lee Beom Soo Dramas

Since I've watched enough of his works to be disturbingly educated on topics such as the expressive use of his eyebrows, I thought I would make a recommendation list with mini-opinions for the works of Lee Beom Soo; an actor you should all be honored to know and feel like the worms you are if you don't. Alright, I am overdramatizing here, but you should definitely check this gentleman out.

Given the man has a career as long as about half this puny human's life on this Earth, I have not yet watched all of his works nor do I really plan to. However, I have watched a lot of them. While I might be making a more complete list with them all one day, I will now just mention the ones I especially liked and recommend to others.

In this part, the Dramas. The Movie Recommendation List is found here.

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