Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kang Dong Won - News Update

High Cut 5

So here are some updated news about Kang Dong Won's future in projects.

- 'Band of Thieves' is now confirmed and will start filming this March, with Kang Dong Won playing a noble man's son who is also the son of a concubine. I sincerely hope he's not like Kyung Tak of 'Dr. Jin', because I barely made it through that one without wanting to bash his head in. Then again, Kang Dong Won will be a villain, so bashing his head in is quite the appropriate emotion for audiences to have.

- Our tall, dark and creepy also did quite a nice pictorial for 'High Cut', directed by the awesome Lee Myung Se. He also gave them an interview Hangukdrama was kind enough to translate. Here are Part 1.1 and Part 1.2 of the interview and you can see a lot of the photos at Couch Kimchi. Here are my favorites.

High Cut 1 Hight Cut 2

High Cut 3 High Cut 4

- In case you're feeling down because we don't get to see him in a film project for a while, then here are some nice news. He will take part in a short film by Kim Ji Woon called 'Hide and Seek'. It's only a 10-minute project, but it will be an interesting re-introduction of him in his job as an actor and also ease him into things. While the film won't be released commercially, we can thank the busy internet, because there is no way someone won't post it somewhere.

- Last, but not least, he's also doing modelling work for Adidas, so here are more info and photos from Hangukdrama and Kang Dong Won's DC gallery and here's the CF.

I do like what we'll be getting from him as far as projects go and I'm curious as to what the other ones he has mentioned are. I assume we'll know soon enough, because he would not risk letting people forget about him while he's filming.

I hope he has a good re-entry to his career and I'll be watching.

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