Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'IRIS 2' - Two New Posters

I call these two fresh 'IRIS 2' posters The Couch and The Plane and here are short descriptions of my brain activity as I viewed them.

IRIS2 - The Couch

The Couch: Why is Lee Da Hae dressed as a secretary and not a field agent? Why is Lee Joon sitting on the floor? Did Yoon Doo Joon do it so we can see him or did Lee Beom Soo shove him off to make room for his enormous charisma? Why is the shot framed by bare legs? Is Im Soo Hyang sitting on a bar stool in the naughty corner for being a villain? Jang Hyuk has the best suit. Lee Beom Soo looks badass. His suit is very 50s mafia. His hair looks cool. Im Soo Hyang's shirt is awesome. Why are they all dressed for a leather cocktail party and sitting in an empty rundown factory?

IRIS2 - The 

The Plane: Forget "guy calmly walks away from explosion" movie and game covers. They're going all out here, with "group calmly walks away from two explosions". Lee Beom Soo looks cool, but his coolness was apparently too big for his jacket. Why is Oh Yeon Soo still in a cocktail dress? This time, the shot is framed by idols. So the women and idols are there for showing skin and framing shots? I hope this doesn't describe the series itself as well. Jang Hyuk still has the best clothes. They're trying to make up for the hair. Is Lee Joon's character always constipated? Why are they getting so overzealous with photoshopping?

Overall, I think I would have preferred a nice middle ground from these. They look like the cast of a funeral office career drama in The Couch and The Plane is too busy and could only be trying harder if they were all carrying oversized weaponry. I know I'm over-thinking things again, but so should the designer.

If I do shut my brain off though, which I am still hoping will not be a requirement to watch this series, then the posters are cool and fun and pretty and all that jazz.

I'm still pumped for February 13 though. Bring it on!

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