Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kang Dong Won is Officially Out of the Army

Actually, I don't know if he's officially out, but he's at least physically out, it seems.

There are no pictures of him yet and depending on his weight, I might have to sic my friend Jana (currently studying in Korea) on him to feed him. He better be healthier.

Fussy-wife instincts aside, Kang Dong Won will now be pounced on by many a project request (besides kyaagirl) and one of the works pitched is a sageuk action movie directed by Yoon Jong Bin. Ha Jeong Woo is slated to play the lead in the film, which will be about bandits in the Joseon era. Kang Dong Won has been asked to play the main villain, however, his management has stated this is just one of the projects he is considering. There is no confirmation or denial yet.

My personal thoughts on this? I do like the idea, but his last project before entering the army was 'Haunters', where he also played a villain. For a comeback project, which is quite important considering the eagerness of media and fans to judge celebrities in Korea, I'd prefer something different. I'm not sure why and I do, of course, want it to be epic and let him come back into the business with a bang, but this movie sounds a bit too "safe". Not original enough.

It's true that I've been the one saying "Less genre-jumping, focus on more of each genre now", but he's done sageuk twice already (if 'Jeon Woochi' counts) and he's been the villain in three works (drama 'Magic' and movie 'Voice of a Murderer', in addition to 'Haunters'). Considering he's done very few projects compared to other actors, I'd prefer to see something a bit different, at least for a comeback project.

I trust his choices though, so I guess all I need to do is sit back, relax and wait for his decision. On a fangirl note, I do change my "celebrity crush" very often, so I still don't know if he has gone into my list of "past loves I still adore", but I am still sane enough to at least not stress about my imaginary crushes.

So, glad he's out and "wuv" or no "wuv", I'll be following his career as usual.

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