Monday, October 1, 2012

Another Stressful Winter Ahead

Pretty much me right now
Pretty much my emotional and mental state right now.

Oh hi. You might remember me. I am the owner of this blog. If you've been checking out my Twitter feed or following me there, you might even know I'm not dead yet.

Describing my days and mood over the last few months might push me into a nervous breakdown, so I won't do it. I am half-kidding, of course. As usual. Some minor health problems the treatment of which is taking too long, very bad mood, pressed financial situation and the need to start my thesis without any will or motivation to do so have pretty much left me dead inside at this point.

My new hobby has been finding pretty homes in Finland, through real-estate listings. I chose the ones I like, save their pictures and try to find my happy place by imagining I'll win the lottery and get one. I've played some games, watched some dramas and have not left the house, save for when it was absolutely necessary.

So, you might now be zoning into the fact that I have been too depressed, stressed and generally lifeless to post at my blog. I have things to say. Oooh, plenty. But I'll be making more scarce posts from now on and until I can get my thesis going. I need to prioritize that, of course. So, now all I need is to start that, since I really can barely drag my sorry ass across the house for my basic needs.

But I'll be back, once in a while, to post things. I'll keep updating my movies' list and gather them Blogathon posts. Also do a roundup review of the dramas I watched and posted about a while back. So, be seeing you around.

To the kyaagirls who have cursed me: May your "bias" find a wonderful girlfriend soon and tell you all he hates you for being such clingy bitches. That's the best curse I can give you. So, suffer well. Lotsa hugs. Ori. ♥

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