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The Bunny The Bear - Opinion, Songs and The Idiots

The Bunny The Bear Logo

Before you jump at my pale throat for this, I am not calling them idiots, but certain people online who are a sure way to losing faith in mankind. Thankfully, not everyone is like that, but it's always sad to see.

Let's get to the juicy parts then. Videos at the end.

Who are they and why should I care?

The Bunny The Bear are an experimental/electro/rock band and no, I don't know what all that means. I am not some music connoisseur (fancy word for a know-it-all).

What I do know is that they are making very interesting music and that they are not afraid to play around with it. While not everything they do is a hit, they are at least trying and they are searching for their own sound and voice without being force-fed a ready one. I also know I love some of their songs.

So, if you happen to be like me and get drawn to certain songs regardless of popularity or even genre, you might want to at least check them out.

The Bunny The Bear Band

What's with the name?

While I am unsure of the origins, the two vocalists of the band usually perform wearing a Bunny and a Bear mask. This is, I am guessing, just a little additional gag they have going on, as it's Matthew "The Bunny" Tybor who does the screaming vocals and Chris "The Bear" Hutka who does the clean ones (my personal favorite), in contradiction to the symbols they use. I liked the idea, because it shows they are relaxed people who don't take life unhealthily seriously.

The Bunny The Bear Vocalists
I find them very cute, in a psycho way. Or psycho in a cute way. Cute anyway.

Get to it, woman! Who are The Idiots and where are the vids?

I believe in people having their opinion. I also believe in people expressing it. But it's when people think their opinion is the God-given Universal Truth or when they complain about irrelevant things when I get pissed off.

I get it not everyone likes what The Bunny The Bear have to give and I have no problem with negative comments. But when people start acting like Ambassadors of Music and deem anything not to their own liking bad, I want to claw their faces off.

Music is art and entertainment. Those are very much subjective. Say you hate it, but have the good sense to understand it's your own opinion.

Also, some people complained about the band's use of masks. They said it's silly.

The Kiss Slipknot

Well now... I don't think people who like metal or any kind of a "theatrical" form of music should be complaining about a staple of it.

The highlight for me was the complaints about The Bear's weight. It seems it's a crime having an extra pound in the musical scene, as it ruins the music.

Luciano Pavarotti Aretha Franklin



The Bunny The Bear Official Site
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My personal favorites. Two official videos and one a fan posted with the cover art.

They have released 2 albums under their label and 1 as a self-release before that.

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