Thursday, June 28, 2012

Current Dramas (Spring/Summer 2012) - Opinions

Spring/Summer 2012 Series

I realized I haven't done such a post, as I mostly watch too many dramas to really focus on anything and most are just light entertainment I don't feel writing much about. However, I thought I'd do a little post about what I'm watching now.

I always watch 3-4 episodes before really judging a show, as the first two episodes are often misleading. They are made to draw audiences in and might not necessarily reveal what the series will really be like.

Plot and overall tone start to settle in after the 4th episode, usually, so I can tell by then, if I am going to like something. Of course, I am talking about the usual 16-episode shows, as it might take longer for longer series. However, the 4th episode is a good indication already, of what you will be seeing from then on.

So let's get to it then. At this moment, I am watching 5 series (although I need to catch up with one). God's Quiz Season 3, I Do I Do, Big, Dr.Jin and Bridal Mask.

Might be adding more soon, but I'll make another post for them. I'll also be making small review posts after all of these are done. Lastly, I do have some spoilers here, but they're important in stating my opinion and giving fair warning.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Bunny The Bear - Opinion, Songs and The Idiots

The Bunny The Bear Logo

Before you jump at my pale throat for this, I am not calling them idiots, but certain people online who are a sure way to losing faith in mankind. Thankfully, not everyone is like that, but it's always sad to see.

Let's get to the juicy parts then. Videos at the end.

Who are they and why should I care?

The Bunny The Bear are an experimental/electro/rock band and no, I don't know what all that means. I am not some music connoisseur (fancy word for a know-it-all).

What I do know is that they are making very interesting music and that they are not afraid to play around with it. While not everything they do is a hit, they are at least trying and they are searching for their own sound and voice without being force-fed a ready one. I also know I love some of their songs.

So, if you happen to be like me and get drawn to certain songs regardless of popularity or even genre, you might want to at least check them out.

The Bunny The Bear Band

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams


I am pretty sure this is a big blogging no no. Talking about things like your dreams and irrelevant (to others) topics. But this place is called Orion's Ramblings, so fuck the rules. Speaking of such, there is some profanity in this text. Not that that's news with me.

Here it is then; a dream which had me giggling in my pillow when I woke up. One proving I'd make a pretty deranged director too. Although such dreams are common.

Daytime. Me and my mother are visiting the Elisa shop where I got my smartphone. Our purpose? Simple. Pretend we just dropped by to thank for my phone, find the pushy saleswoman and ask her where she takes the aerobics classes she mentioned last time, so that my mother can join to cure her back problems. So we are having coffee and talking. I ask her for the classes and she says she can give me the address. It’s at her house, which is right next to the store. We leave my mother there and head for her house, in what now appears to be a hybrid of my town here and some area back in Greece.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Remember O Goddess - Interview with Kim Jung Tae

Kim Jung Tae

As promised on Friday, here is my interview with "Remember O Goddess" lead, actor Kim Jung Tae. Well ok, I promised it would be during the weekend. I got busy. Sue me (please don't).

Kim Jung Tae should be a familiar face for all of you, as he can be seen in many hit films such as "SIU" or "The Apprehenders" (hard to pick two from that huge list) as well as dramas like "Bad Guy" and "Can't Lose" (among others). Those of you who watch variety shows probably know him well too.

Before this piece, let me remind you of my interview with the lovely lady who made this possible, director Yoon Jung Lee. Part 1 and Part 2.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Remember O Goddess - Interview with Director Yoon Jung Lee: Part 2

Yoon Jung Lee

As promised, although a bit late, here is Part 2 of my interview with Yoon Jung Lee, director of "Remember O Goddess". Part 1 can be found here.

I asked these questions before the Kickstarter campaign was finished, which is why question 4 here is as it is.

Remember, while the Kickstarter campaign is successfully finished, you can still donate to the film through its official website and Chip In! plugin.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Remember O Goddess - Interview with Director Yoon Jung Lee: Part 1

I promised this was coming and here it is. The first part of my interview with ""Remember O Goddess" direct, Yoon Jung Lee. Part 2 can be found here.

Before that, I am glad to announce that their Kickstarter campaign was a smashing success and that they are now in the process of gathering additional funds and moving forward with this project.

You can still donate to the film through the official website and their Chip In! plugin.

Back to the interview now, when I made the questions, I tried to ask things that

a) are not the typical questions interviewers usually ask and
b) are things I want to know and think are interesting to hear about.

This is my personal blog so I did not exactly have a participating audience to satisfy, but I hope my readers like what I asked. I know the answers are certainly great and I personally got what I wanted.

Here, you can now find the interview of lead actor Kim Jung Tae.

After they are both posted, I'm thinking of making a post with my comments and thoughts on the answers. Just to wrap this up nicely.

Here is Part 1 then.

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