Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Time Slip Dr. Jin" - Official Teaser (Eng Subs)

The first teaser for "Time Slip Dr.Jin" is out, ladies and gentlemen. First impressions? It certainly looks more serious than I expected, which is good. I was afraid they'd go the fangirl rom-com way. This has blood, it has violence, it looks pretty heavy compared to what I expected.

However, I am still worried about the main cast, just a bit. Song Seung Heon, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Joong do have quite the brainless audience members. On the other hand, I see signs of good choices from these people. They do seem to be choosing good works (often), so maybe this is the case here. A series having kyaagirl-magnets does not mean that is all it will have to offer.

Miscellaneous comments here would be:

- The set from "Duelist" seems to be used quite a lot and it's always nice to see it.
- It seems we'll have some pretty scenery to look at.
- Jae Joong is looking good
- Song Seung Heon is still painful to watch, but I'll have to live with it.
- I think I'll like Lee Beom Soo's character, as I usually do.

Update: New teaser. Almost identical to the first, with some very short new footage.

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