Monday, May 21, 2012

"Dr. Jin" Starts Airing This Saturday - New Teaser

It has more Lee Beom Soo too. In case you didn't keep an eye on my Twitter feed, I am a big fan of his, as of late. I trust his presence means the series will be good.

With this new teaser-video, we get to further establish that Kim Kyung Tak (Kim Jae Joong's character) will not have a happy relationship with Dr. Botox to begin with. I like that and hope to see Kim as the bad guy. It will be challenging for his acting skills, which I hope have continued to improve.

Notice that we have a change in the English title at this point. The series is called "Dr. Jin" quite often lately, as it's the original title in Korean. I do like this change and will apply it. The Japanese works are called "Jin" so it's different enough to show a different work, but also keeps the ever important name without being a huge ass title to type and fit in a tweet. I know Twitter didn't exactly form the name (or maybe it did...), but it works for me.

"Dr. Jin" begins airing this Saturday, 26th of May. It will air on Saturdays and Sundays, which I am guessing means it will be quite a long series. Hopefully, it will be good enough to keep us watching that long.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

"Faith" Vs. "Time Slip Dr. Jin": There's Enough DeLoreans For Everybody!

Faith and Doctor Jin

Can you hear that? Shhh... Be quiet... Can you hear the sound of bullshit going back and forth? Yes, this is what often happens with Korean entertainment. Companies suing each other for "stealing" things that the whole friggin' world has been "stealing" and re-using everywhere around us. Also, companies suing people who dare change who they work with if the shit hits the fan and they no longer want to be slaves.

Korean entertainment is no picnic. I've talked about this before, although I did not focus on one issue only. What happens behind the scenes is probably more vile and dirty and corrupted than we can imagine. But Koreans have this interesting trait about them (Greeks do too). They seem to think they can bullshit their way into and out of everything. Everyone is pretending and silly arguments circulate like the flu.

"Time Slip Dr. Jin" is based on the Japanese manga "Jin" and it is about a modern day doctor who gets catapulted into the past, when medicine and technology were still very young and/or non-existent. "Faith" had the same idea for the main plot.

To make a long story short, "Time Slip Dr. Jin" sued "Faith" for stealing its plot and got sued back, with a company's claim that the writer for "Time Slip Dr. Jin" broke his contract to work with them. Details and who exactly sued whom can be found here. That is not the issue that I'm talking about in this post.

What I want to talk about is the absurdity of this whole fight. A fight which could very well be done to get some attention to both series, by the way, but that's the ultimate conspiracy scenario (although a very common one).

Didn't Do It!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Time Slip Dr. Jin" - Official Teaser (Eng Subs)

The first teaser for "Time Slip Dr.Jin" is out, ladies and gentlemen. First impressions? It certainly looks more serious than I expected, which is good. I was afraid they'd go the fangirl rom-com way. This has blood, it has violence, it looks pretty heavy compared to what I expected.

However, I am still worried about the main cast, just a bit. Song Seung Heon, Park Min Young and Kim Jae Joong do have quite the brainless audience members. On the other hand, I see signs of good choices from these people. They do seem to be choosing good works (often), so maybe this is the case here. A series having kyaagirl-magnets does not mean that is all it will have to offer.

Miscellaneous comments here would be:

- The set from "Duelist" seems to be used quite a lot and it's always nice to see it.
- It seems we'll have some pretty scenery to look at.
- Jae Joong is looking good
- Song Seung Heon is still painful to watch, but I'll have to live with it.
- I think I'll like Lee Beom Soo's character, as I usually do.

Update: New teaser. Almost identical to the first, with some very short new footage.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Remember O Goddess - Opinion and Crowd Funding

So, since my PC does not behave, I watched the 25 minute short version of "Remember O Goddess" on my mini-laptop.

While I was a bit reserved about what I would think of it (you know I am almost allergic to the word "independent" when it comes to cinema), I was pleasantly surprised. Very much so, in fact.

The short film might be independently produced, but it's not art-house. I mean that it has a plot, characterization, it makes sense and the imagery is by no means vague to anyone with half a brain and human emotions.

I have to say, it was a very good choice to go with an actor as talented as Kim Jung Tae in the lead. The man is very good at conveying emotions with very little. You know, acting is about a lot of things. A lot of them, you can learn. But that something which enables an actor to show what the character feels, simply by the look in their eyes, is rare. That's where talent lies.

I also loved how this was filmed. There were some very interesting shots and ways of showing the scene that were very fresh and worked very well. I think the genre of this is great for experimentation too.

Speaking of genre, I like how this keeps some film noir elements which do really define the genre. A lot of night shots, small spaces, a general closed-quarters feel in most of the scenes. We even had a femme fatale for a bit.

Lastly, I really liked what this short film had to show. As I mention in one interview question I have given miss Yoon Jung Lee, I think this apathy one can receive from people is a very frightening and sad problem of modern societies. While we can't possibly worry about everyone around us and their problems, I find the degree to which we actually turn a blind eye to another's misery disturbing.

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