Monday, April 2, 2012

You Didn't Think I'd Stay Away, Did You?

It's been a long few weeks and there's a long few weeks coming, but I hopefully now have a functioning computer back. I will hopefully keep it functioning too...

I currently have 6 courses running, all busy with assignments, but I can also blog again, using my good ol' PC, as it's the only one I can properly do some work on.

In the "coming soon" section we have:

- "History of the Salaryman" review
- "Giant" review
- Korean Blogathon talk and links
- All else that I knew I wanted to talk about but don't remember right now

So, be ready for me. New series out, new things happening and yes, new Diva series.

I did watch some of the first episode before I fell asleep, so I'll be talking about that.

Keep your eyes on my Twitter and the announcement thingy on the right ---> in case my PC dies again. My new graphics card has been a tad unpredictable so far.

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