Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remember O Goddess - Intro and How You Can Help

If my hands, time and sanity can take me as far as I hope, you have a few posts to see about this within the next week.

This is an intro with some screens, links and video. I will soon make a post about my opinions on this so far, another about this work's unique way of production and then an interview post with the director, Yoon Jung Lee who, among other mainstream contribution, worked as a script supervisor for "The Good, The Bad, The Weird".

"Remember O Goddess" is an independent, crowd-funded film noir. It tells the story of a man who has lost his memory and is struggling to regain his past, when he meets someone who he thinks may be his lost love.

It stars Kim Jung Tae (Duelist, SIU, The Apprehenders and a lot more) and Choi Ara, a top model doing her acting debut with this film.

The first 25 minutes of the movie can be seen in its Kickstarer campaign. This means that, if funded, this would be the first globally crowd-sourced Korean independent movie. Ordinary folk like us will be the producers. Which is a big topic of thought and discussion, but I will leave that for a later post.

For now, here is an intro video for the funding, 3 stills and some links.

If you like what you see, FUND THIS MOVIE though Kickstarter! Any contribution counts. You can make a difference and help some talented people give us good entertainment that some mainstream cost-shit-loads-of-money-to-make-and-still-sucks productions don't!

The goal is $30,000. They are currently at $22,653 and we have 10 days to go. It's so close to getting made. If you don't know how pledging works, know that you are not actually giving any money at this point. If the movie reaches its goal and gets made, you will pay your contribution. If the funding does not make its mark, all pledges will be cancelled and so will all the effort that has been put in this from supportive people so far.

One final Kick can help this very promising work get made and make history.

Video about the funding:

Some Stills:


Official site

Facebook Page

Official Remember_Film Twitter account

Kickstarter Funding Page

Director Yoon Jung Lee's Twitter account

Some Coverage:

Modern Korean Cinema: Wanna Help Make a Korean Film? Here's Your Chance!

Far East Films: Help Fund 'Remember O Goddess'

New Korean Cinema: Help Kickstart funding for ‘Remember O Goddess’

Hangul Celluloid: Interview with Yoon Jung Lee

24-7 Press Release: "Remember O Goddess" to Become First-Ever Globally Crowd-Funded Korean Indie Movie

YAM Magazine: Kickstarting Remember O Goddess: Interview with Yoon Jung Lee

Korean Beacon: Help fund Yoon Jung Lee’s new film, ‘Remember O Goddess’

(more to be added as I find them)

Monday, April 2, 2012

You Didn't Think I'd Stay Away, Did You?

It's been a long few weeks and there's a long few weeks coming, but I hopefully now have a functioning computer back. I will hopefully keep it functioning too...

I currently have 6 courses running, all busy with assignments, but I can also blog again, using my good ol' PC, as it's the only one I can properly do some work on.

In the "coming soon" section we have:

- "History of the Salaryman" review
- "Giant" review
- Korean Blogathon talk and links
- All else that I knew I wanted to talk about but don't remember right now

So, be ready for me. New series out, new things happening and yes, new Diva series.

I did watch some of the first episode before I fell asleep, so I'll be talking about that.

Keep your eyes on my Twitter and the announcement thingy on the right ---> in case my PC dies again. My new graphics card has been a tad unpredictable so far.

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