Sunday, January 22, 2012

Them Awesome Surveys

You Shall Not End
"I said you're not ending and that's final, World..."

Anyone who is very much into Korean entertainment, or any kind of mass drawing one, knows what I'm talking about. But let's explain this to others a bit.

See, when a person hears of a survey, they usually imagine rankings. People vote on something which will help others see what is best or maybe what is worst. Or maybe ask for a political opinion, as surveys are usually associated with research on an important subject.

But there are also the show business polls and surveys. Now, those usually have less dire matters to vote on, such as a celebrity affair, about their acting skills, maybe a ranking of the movies they've done and some are often made on gossip. But they are things that are happening or that need answering, since people would want to know.

And then there's surveys in Korea. I swear, the people that make them must be getting some type of grant from the government for them and just do them for "spending money". Polls in Korea basically ask the most irrational and useless questions, in order to give us an insight into the brains of masses. Hoo boy. Maybe those exist in Hollywood as well, but I thankfully managed to avoid the gossip side of things there.

Here are some examples (click them, they're links) and mind you, these aren't among the craziest I've seen. I just searched two sites for these, just to give you an idea.

G-Dragon #3 in “Who would you vote for class president” survey

Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo, The Best Partners to Year-End Party

Rain tops a survey of the male star who has lips that are really cool and kissable (Newsen)

Won Bin & Girls' Generation's Yoona Selected For Best Celebrity To Hold Hands And Walk With

Lee Byeong-Heon Is Chosen for Most Wanted Hallyu Star For Dinner Date

And of course, my personal favorite lately, the one that made me write this. Something which is freaky enough to match the person who topped it.

People want to be with Kang Dong Won when the world comes to an end

There you have it. What a romantic thing to ask... Exactly why is this of any interest to anyone? Even I don't care about such surveys and I'm his fan. How exactly does this help anybody? You know, these could be good surveys on psychology. They could. But those who make them waste the potential. Ask these people, WHY they'd want to be with him. Is there something about him which indicates compassion? Comfort? Do they feel he'd keep them calm when the end was near? If anyone bothered to ask all these interesting questions, they could see a) the qualities an actor's public image projects and why that is, b) what people see in celebrity public personas and how they interpret personalities, c) what people would need or appreciate during a dire time and I could go on and on about all the interesting things you could get from such questions.

Or maybe, as my friend Ethlenn said, they think he'd stare the end away with his killer death ray eyes (as illustrated in the picture above).

On another note, please compare his older look with this creepy skeleton they have on the Gateway2Korea article and tell me, why oh WHY no one reminded him to eat during the last 4 years or so.

Now, I know these are just silly little entertaining polls for those who need something to kill their boredom for 1-2 minutes, but valuable money, time and effort go into such surveys. Things which could be spent to actually produce something of value. There are so many useful, fun and interesting things they could be asking about celebrities and the industries. About celebrity skills, their works, what appeals to people in entertainment and arts, how they feel about genres and the movies that are made in Korea. So many things. But no. Knowing which guy fangirls would most like to sneeze on is much more valuable information...

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