Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Padam Padam - Tongyeong on Daum Street View

City Photo from The Chosunilbo

If you are watching "Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats" you might have also been impressed and dazzled by the beautiful filming locations. Among other things, since this show is generally wonderful.

Well, as stated in the series, the town is called Tongyeong and it's at the very edge of South Korea, down South. It's a lovely location as it combines both higher ground and sea, it's small enough for comfort, but seems to be buzzing with life too.

By using Daum Maps (read: Google Maps for South Korea), you can even find the house of character Jung Ji Na from the series. I have made a small visual tutorial on how to do that. In my post "Street View for South Korea", you will find a link to Daum Maps, as well as a picture tutorial on how to navigate it, as it is in hangul. It's really easy though. Same principles as Google Earth. All it takes is a few minutes of vigorous clicking, dragging and the occasional swearing when you end up some place random because you clicked the wrong thing.

So, here is a picture on how to find the town and the house, as well as a few links on the lovely Tongyeong, including its home page (in English).

Tongyeong Tongyeong House
The instructions and the house itself


TongYeong - Homepage (English)

Tongyeong tag on Flickr

Korean tag "통영" on Flickr - You can do a Google image search with that too

Blogger: Our Tour in Korea page's Tongyeong posts (some nice pictures)

Naver Photo Gallery tag

4 long exposure night photographs (I like this kind)

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