Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kang Dong Won CF Music - French Cafe (Photos)

French Cafe 1

Fangirls do a lot of useless things for their obsessions or for showing off to other fans, but sometimes, they do something useful as well.

The emoticon-happy Naody here has posted a few songs that have been featured in Kang Dong Won's CFs. I have no idea if she found them herself or if others helped, but here are the links. In her post, that is.

I will only post one song here. Partly because it's the only one that really got my attention, partly because I don't want to post too many videos and get angry when they are taken down one by one by companies breathing down Youtube's neck and partly because I love any opportunity to watch and post this specific French Cafe CF. Kang Dong Won is breathtaking here. I don't even drink coffee and I drool when I watch this. Then again, I'm not exactly drooling over the coffee...

Here is the CF and the song. It's by Ruby Rough and it's called "Easier". Lady, it ain't easy to watch this video of his to such a sexy song, I can guarantee it.

For some pictures from this CF, scroll down.

Ruby Rough Links

Official Website


Facebook Page


Youtube Channel

CF Images

French Cafe 2 French Cafe 3

French Cafe 4 French Cafe 5

French Cafe 6 French Cafe 7

French Cafe 8 French Cafe 9

This is where I got the pictures from (there are more).

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go make a damn coffee.

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