Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kang Dong Won - Calendar Photos Part 4

Calendar 46

This is the fourth out of 5 parts of some nice calendar pictures of Kang Dong Won.

The rest: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

I am not sure they are from the same calendar, as some do appear to be from another batch. The quality is mostly very nice, but some are a bit smaller than others and of course, you don't need me to tell you where I got them because these girls' love stamps are all over them, often at very annoying places and even many times within a picture.

A lot of the pictures are of the same photoshoot, outfit and setting, but I scrambled them a bit to give you more variety in each batch.

Now, this may coincide with Kang Dong Won's birthday, but it most certainly isn't a gift for him. Why not? Because it's not my duty to send him gifts and I certainty wouldn't send him pictures of himself as a present. You'll find out more about my full thoughts on this in an article I will be writing soon.

I really like some from this batch. For one, we have a killer derpy one (4th set, first photo) and the last picture is also one of my favorites from this collection. It looks like he adjusting the scarf, so it may not have been a planned pose. Frankly, those pictures are usually the best, when captured by a good photographer. I also love black and white pictures and Kang Dong Won photographs really well in them.

The picture up on the top is also another very good one.

And because I am me and do notice these things, does his t-shirt say "sex" in the third picture bellow? Why do you torture your fangirls with such clothes, man?

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