Sunday, January 15, 2012

2NE1 Plagiarism - More Info

Ok, so this guy is apparently a netizen, for lack of a better word. He has profiles around and has his title as "semi-professional". So, he's someone who probably wants a career in music and is starting small, hoping to get picked up by some manager.

All that is fine and good on a young man trying to make his dream come true, but his "dream" comes from another damn band. I mean, he didn't even try and remix the song a bit. He plain copied it and then added his "singing" to it, which is not even rapping. It's talking. If he had credited them, I'd respect the guy, even if he sucks. But butchering music and doing it to music that isn't even yours? Nah, man.

He's probably too much of an amateur (and bad one) for YG Entertainment to pay much attention and I doubt the fandom will go too haywire on him, but he's still facing some pretty big embarrassment right now. I'd suggest he apologizes and removes the song from the public for good. Many people use old tunes, but unless you add something of your own to it and something decent, you're in bad taste.

So, to close this news for tonight, here is a live version of this wonderful song from some club. Sir, if you made money from that song, you really should be ashamed. I know the economy sucks, but have some decency.

Edit: The video was made private, just like the original. Will re-post if I find it again.

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